Out Now Commentary - Speed (1994)

This month’s Out Now with Aaron and Abe commentary is a pop quiz for all you hot shots out there. Aaron and Abe are joined by Scott Mendelson and Brandon Peters to talk the 90’s action classic - Speed. This action flick features Keanu Reeves taking on mad bomber Dennis Hopper, with the help of Sandra Bullock and a bus full of hostages in this race against time and well… speed. Tune in to enjoy plenty of neat info about the film, plenty of fun in regards to discussing it and much more. This is a long one, but a really entertaining on, so enjoy.

Important Note:  This commentary may feature both juvenile uses of language and jokes that may be considered un-PC.  We of course are just trying to have a fun time…

So now, if you’ve got an hour to kill…
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Show Notes:
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