The Evil Dead Drinking Game

The Evil Dead Drinking Game


The Evil Dead trilogy is my favorite horror trilogy. It is a mix of classic genre tropes, over-the-top gore, comedy, and Three Stooges humor. Directed by Sam Raimi (the Spider-Man trilogy) and starring Bruce "Don't Call Me Ash" Campbell, the series has become a cult favorite for many, due to how entertaining it is. The following post is a set of rules for a drinking game that I have established, but beware - it's very easy to get trashed based on how often the rules come into play.

Evil Dead 1 and 2:

1 drink – every time someone says “Join us" (the participants should also say "Join us")
1 drink – every time someone says “Ashley”
1 drink – every time someone says "Swallow your soul"
1 drink – every time you see a clock
1 drink – every time you see a stuffed animal on the wall
1 drink – for every wrong key that is used in the door.
1 drink – every time you see the magnifying glass necklace
1 drink – every time someone ingests or is hit with a terrible liquid in the face

Constants (Rules that come up in all 3 movies):

Take a Shot when Ash says "Groovy"
Waterfall – every time it’s a first person perspective shot from the demon
1 drink – every time you see or someone mentions the Necronomicon
1 drink – for any time a demon punches or slaps someone in the face
1 drink – any time Ash is in the Air in some capacity
1 drink – every use of chain saw

Army of Darkness:

1 drink – every time Ash fires his gun
1 drink – every time Ash does or says something heroic or bad-ass
1 drink – every time someone says “Primitive” or any form of the word
1 drink – every Ash insult
1 drink – for destruction of skeleton creature
1 drink – every time someone says “S-Mart”

And a few words about the films:

The Evil Dead is a simple story about a group of friends looking to have a good time for the weekend, spending it out in a cabin in the woods.  Of course, things go wrong when it turns out that evil spirits are lurking in the woods.  One by one every person in the cabin is tortured and then turned into an evil deadite.  Eventually Ash is the only one left to deal with evil that plagues him.

The Evil Dead 2 recaps the first film and then picks up where the first left off, basically leaving everything up to Ash, as he continues to face all the various demons that come after him in various forms during another night in the cabin, whether it be his undead girlfriend, the woods themselves, and even his own hand.

Army of Darkness takes a departure for the series, as Ash now finds himself back in medieval times, again fighting against deadites, while also trying to find a way back home.
Each of these films benefit from outrageous gore, camera work, and humor.



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