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Weekly Recap: Yesterday, Annabelle Comes Home & More!

There are some options out there this week with  Yesterday  and  Annabelle Comes Home . In addition to having fun with superheroes, monsters, and toys, you could also take your chances with a fantasy about The Beatles (or lack thereof) or another  Conjuring -universe film. Both have their charms. I also have some early reviews for a couple of highly anticipated releases in blockbuster and horror crowds. And that's not all, enjoy some reviews for new films available at home, some new trailers, and other writing. I also have a new podcast focused on how successful  Toy Story 4  was, so feel free to listen to that as well. Enjoy and thanks for reading!  In Theaters Now: Yesterday  -  Enjoyable enough, but more could have been done Annabelle Comes Home  -  A fun, spooky summer flick. Like a  Conjuring  for teens Early Review:  Midsommar  -  A trippy horror film set in the daytime Early Review :  Spider-Man: Far From Home  -  Another fun Spider-Man movie. Here's Th

Out Now 368: Toy Story 4

This week's  Out Now with Aaron and Abe  lets us all have some playtime. Aaron and Abe are joined by Jay Cluitt to discuss Toy Story 4 , the fourth entry in Pixar’s most prized franchise. Listen in to hear if we felt the film had enough going on to match the highs of the previous films, along with thoughts on upcoming films, listener questions, and more. Among the topics covered, we have a fun round of Know Everybody ( 7:40 ), Out Now Quickies™ ( 13:18 ), some Trailer Talk for Onward ( 25:56 ), the main review ( 35:36 ), Games ( 1:15:50 ), and Out Now Feedback ( 1:24:37 ). We then wrap things up ( 1:46:17 ) and have some bloopers ( 1:57:04 ) following this week's closeout song. So now, if you've got an hour or so to kill... You can also find links to the episode at AudioBoom or Spotify . Subscribe via iTunes HERE

Weekly Recap: Toy Story 4, Child's Play & More!

A lot of your favorite childhood toys are back this week. Woody, Buzz, Chucky... They're all here to play.  Toy Story 4  has arrived and it shows just how consistently great this series has been. There's also  Child's Play,  which I was planning to write about but hated it so much I just don't care to . You'll also find my early review for  Yesterday . At home, you have  Us , one of the best films of the year, among other options out there, including my look at Criterion's release of the classic film  Swing Time . Lastly, we have a couple of very fun podcasts to dig into. Enjoy and thanks for reading! In Theaters Now: Toy Story 4  -  Another terrific entry in this series Child's Play - No. The Last Black Man in San Francisco  -  Slowly expanding, still great Early Review: Yesterday  -  Enjoyable enough, but more could have been done Here's The Archive Of  Every Review Throughout The Year(s) New On 4K/Blu-ray/DVD/Streaming This Week:

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