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Weekly Recap: Captive State, Wonder Park, The Mustang & More!

Captive State and Wonder Park are positioned as two of the top new releases this week. One was barely screened, while the other has entered theaters with no credited director for...reasons. Regardless, they have some things to offer an audience. Meanwhile, The Mustang is in limited release this week and worth seeking out. At home, you can grab a Best Picture winner and an ambitious sci-fi adventure, or stick with a flawed Fantastic Beasts film. But who needs all that when you can listen to our latest podcast covering Captain Marvel. Enjoy and thanks for reading and listening!
In Theaters Now:
Captive State - (Does well with its alien invasion premise)
Wonder Park - (A magical amusement park, It's fine)
The Mustang - (A quality c…

Out Now 354: Captain Marvel

This week's Out Now with Aaron and Abe heads back to a radical time. Aaron is joined by Alan Aguilera, Jim Dietz, and eventually Peter Paras to discuss Captain Marvel. The MCU’s first solo female-led superhero flick is being seen as a bridge between two Avengers movies, despite being set in the 90s and the group goes over how effectively it delivers the story of Carol Danvers. Among topics covered, we have a fun round of Know Everybody (3:22), Out Now Quickies™ (6:03), some Trailer Talk for Shaft(15:45), the main review (23:55), a Game (1:25:35), and Out Now Feedback (1:32:29). We then wrap things up (1:46:13) and have some bloopers (1:57:03) following this week's closeout song. So now, if you've got an hour or so to kill…
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Weekly Recap: Captain Marvel, Apollo 11 & More!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe gets a new addition this weekend with Captain Marvel, which has fittingly arrived on International Women's Day. The film feels pretty standard as far as superhero movies go, but is nonetheless enjoyable. Apollo 11 spreads to more theaters this week and is a true sight to behold, even if you missed the chance to see it in IMAX. Lots of new home releases this week, including Creed IIand The Favourite. I also put together some thoughts on Watchmen, ten years later. Lastly, we had a great conversation about, of all things, Madea on the podcast this week, so be sure to listen to that. Thanks for reading.

In Theaters Now:
Captain Marvel - (Does the job as a standard Marvel Studios movie)
Apollo 11 - (A gripping documentary best viewed in IMAX, but now in regular theaters)
Here's The Archive Of Every Revie…

Brief Thoughts: Looking Back At Watchmen

I really enjoy putting my reviews together.  I honestly wish I could delve deeper into certain movies, but alas, I get incredibly busy and can sometimes only deal with movies to a briefer extent than I would prefer.  This is why I write these occasional "Brief Thoughts" posts on movies I have seen, as I want to at least offer some of my own perspective on them.  They may not be as polished, but I can at least get my opinions out there. This edition of "Brief Thoughts" features a look back at Zack Snyder's Watchmen:

Out Now Bonus: Markus vs. Madea

This week's Out Now with Aaron and Abe is giving a big hellur to everyone. Aaron is joined by Markus Robinson to dive into Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral. As a fun bonus topic, the two discuss the nature of the films, this latest entry, and the impact on the industry as a whole. Lots of interesting discussion here, plus other movie talk. Topics include an extended Out Now Quickies(4:53), Trailer Talk (36:05), the main Tyler Perry discussion (46:41), and Out Now Feedback (1:18:20). The guys then wrap things up (1:39:40) before ending with this week's closeout song. So now, if you've got an hour or so to kill…
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Weekly Recap: Greta, Apollo 11 & More!

It's a bit of a low-key week, following some heavy hitters and the Oscars, but you can feel free to check out the preposterous Greta or the stirring Apollo 11 this weekend. There's also all the films that just one Oscars like Spider-Verse, that are still in theaters as well. At home, you can find Wreck-It Ralph back at it, along with a fine new release from the Criterion Collection. Also feel free to enjoy some of our great podcast recordings from this week, covering the Oscars, as well as How to Train Your Dragon. Enjoy and thanks for reading and listening!
In Theaters Now:
Greta - (A ridiculous thriller that's still entertaining)
Apollo 11 - (A gripping documentary best viewed in IMAX)
Here's The Archive Of Every Review Throughout The Year(s) -

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