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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Out Now with Aaron and Abe: Bonus Episode – Audio Commentary For The Matrix Revolutions

On the heels of a new Wachowski Siblings trailer being released and on the cusp of a release of a new Keanu Reeves adventure, here we have a new commentary for The Matrix Revolutions, an unlikely pick, but one we had a lot to say about.  Aaron is joined by commentary regulars Brandon Peters and Scott Mendelson to discuss this final entry in The Matrix trilogy, the legacy the first film spawned, and the infamous nature of the sequels (which we like), the franchise in general, the superb capabilities of the Wachowskis as action directors, personal stories related to these films, and more.  There are also plenty of wild tangents, as per usual. Lots of fun to be had as always!

Important Note:  This commentary features both juvenile uses of language and jokes that may be considered un-PC.  We of course are just trying to have a fun time…

So now, if you’ve got an hour to kill…

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