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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Out Now with Aaron and Abe – Episode 8: THOR

And here we are again.  Out Now with Aaron and Abe, episode 8 - Thor.  In this episode, Abe and I discuss the Mighty Thor's debut blockbuster film - Thor (click for the written review).  Of course, before getting to Thor, Abe and I bring out our regular discussion of some select movie trailers (Cowboys & Aliens and The Green Lantern).  That is then followed by a quite lengthy discussion of Thor.  As always we then delve into some fun and games, as Abe and I have some fun explaining and predicting box office totals, as well as have more fun with the William Fitchner Game and another round of "Cast This".  I had a lot of fun with Abe during this episode, so despite our skills at this still developing and the audio quality being merely okay, I am grateful for whoever it is that keeps coming back for more.  Additionally, you can e-mail us and shower us with hate mail or actual comments that we would love to hear at:

Two special things to take note of:

- Following the outro music of the podcast, listen a little more if you want to hear some bonus, slightly spoilery, Thor talk.
- Also, and this is big, this podcast comes with a contest, which I realized should occur after the fact.

The Contest:  Count the number of times either Abe or myself say the phrase "FROST GIANTS".  Send that number, along with a name and home town, to our email - with the subject line that says FROST GIANTS CONTEST.  The person who's e-mail arrives first, will personally receive a DVD of my choosing (probably related to this episode) in the mail, after I work out those details.

Now, as always, if you've got an hour to kill, enjoy the podcast:

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