Weekly Recap: The Trial of the Chicago 7, Love And Monsters, Black Bear & More!

It takes some time to put all these links together (not counting the time it takes to, y'know, write all these reviews). That said, I keep debating how conversational I want to make this portion of the recap. As it stands, I mainly want to point out that I've written 100 reviews within the "In-House Reviews" column alone, meaning that there's plenty of movies available for all to see, mostly via varying streaming services. Sure, it's a different kind of year for obvious reason, but if you're reading this with the intent of finding movies to watch, you can find links to read about so many different options.

With that in mind, this week brings in a new Aaron Sorkin movie (The Trial of the Chicago 7), a new Woody Allen movie (A Rainy Day in New York), a creature feature (Love and Monsters), plenty of horror films, and more. Plus, our latest horror podcast, where we talked all about Arachnophobia in honor of its 30th anniversary. Additionally, there are more podcasts we put together, including our episode covering a couple more horror movies, The Wolf of Snow Hollow and Possessor. Finally, there are my various essays lists, and new trailers to dig into as well. Enjoy, stay safe out there, and thanks for reading!

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  • The Wolf of Snow Hollow & Possessor Aaron and Abe are joined by Why So Blu’s Jordan Grout to discuss the horror-comedy The Wolf of Snow Hollow from writer/director/star Jim Cummings, along with Brandon Cronenberg’s trippy sci-fi body horror film, Possessor.
  • Horror Special - Arachnophobia - 30th AnniversaryFor this special, Aaron is joined by Professor Mike Dillon and the lovely Ana Bosch to talk all about the horror-comedy Arachnophobia in honor of the Frank Marshall-directed film’s 30th anniversary.
  • Horror Special - Friday the 13th - 40th AnniversaryFor this special, the guys focus on Friday the 13th in honor of the film’s 40th anniversary. JoBlo's Jimmy OFlicks For Fans' Jason Coleman, and The Brandon Peters Show's Brandon Peters join Aaron to discuss the origins of direct Sean S. Cunningham’s genre favorite.
  • Horror Special - Diversity In HorrorJoBlo's Jimmy OFlicks For Fans' Jason Coleman, and The Brandon Peters Show's Brandon Peters join Aaron and Abe to discuss what it means to see the horror genre embrace evolution in the people in front of and behind the camera. 
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