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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Out Now "Nights" - Episode 4: The Way Way Back Debate

Here's another new podcast episode that is a little different.  Often times after Aaron and Abe wrap up the main show, they tend to keep talking, sometimes with the guest(s) still around.  So, for this exclusive Podomatic episode, of Out Now "Nights", Aaron is joined by Mark Hobin and Markus Robinson for something extra: a debate over the merits of the coming-of-age film The Way Way Back.  Aaron mostly serves as moderator while Mark and Markus have it out.  Additionally, there is even time for some discussion of Upstream Color.  Keep in mind that there are a bunch of spoilers for many movies, but mainly let us know what you think of this kind of free form discussion.

You can also find links to the episode at Podomatic HERE or Subscribe via iTunes HERE

Of course, in addition to this episode, there are many more episodes to be found on iTunes, as well as on the hosted site, The HHWLOD Podcast Network, and still at for mainly the newest episodes and some exclusives.  One can also learn more at the official Facebook page for Out Now, (“like” it), which features updates from Aaron and Abe’s personal blogs, other random posts, and some photo albums.  Finally, feel free to e-mail the show at with any sort of feedback or add an iTunes rating/review.
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