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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Out Now Special: Also Out – The Tree of Life

And now for something completely different.  This is another landmark for Out Now with Aaron and Abe, as it is both the first episode to not feature the show’s regular co-host, Abe, and also an episode that breaks the regular format of the standard episode.  Hence, this episode has been dubbed “Also Out”, which has Aaron (and hopefully Abe, in the future) discussing a worthwhile film that is also in theaters at great length with a number of other guests.  For this inaugural episode (and hopefully the first of more like it), the film under discussion is Terrance Malick’s latest feature, The Tree of Life.  Guests for the episode include former guest Jordan Grout, along with Adam Gentry ( and Mark Hobin (  This episode does focus entirely on the film The Tree of Life, which includes spoilers for the film as a whole (even though the film does not really feature much narrative that could be ruined by spoilers).  It will be curious to hear what the response is to an episode like this, as it is incredibly focused on one subject and discussed for quite a long period of time.  As always, every episode can be found at, along with the Facebook page at, where people can feel free to “like” the page and leave any comments they may have.  In addition, anyone can feel free to e-mail the Aaron and Abe at  So now, if you have a little more than an hour to kill…

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