Out Now with Aaron and Abe – Episode 9: Priest

Greetings from the land of clearer Podcasts! That's right, thanks to some upgrading on our part, this episode of Out Now features a better quality audio track.  It is of course helpful because now you can hear Abe and I lay into Priest, as we share our thoughts on that film.  As always, we have our standard segments as well, including talk of movie trailers (Fright Night and Horrible Bosses), followed by the main review, and then more fun with box office prediction results, a retro review, and some more fun and games.  Abe and I have been trying hard to keep this thing going and making it better as we continue on, so I hope listeners can enjoy our discussions as well as our running themes of Abe losing at things and my terrible plot summaries of film.

Special Note: In episode 8, where we talked about Thor, I put the rules up for a contest, which is in the notes for that episode.  I mention that contest, which is still going, and lay out the details in audio form, so anyone willing to participate in the Frost Giants contest, still has a good chance of winning a prize.  We also now have a Facebook page, so anyone can search for our podcast and be sure to "like" our page.  Anyone can of course e-mail us at Outnow.aaronabe@gmail.com and shower us with hate mail or constructive criticism, as well as find all of our episodes at outnow.podmatic.com.  So, if you've got an hour to kill, enjoy the podcast:


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