Out Now Bonus: A Tribute To Aaron's Mother

I have to break from format a bit, as the past week has been nothing close to ordinary. My Mom, Debora Denise Denmark passed away on April 1, 2018. This was a shock and I remain broken up over it. I have all the love possible from my lovely girlfriend Ana, as well as the rest of my family, but this is still a tragedy that I have to deal with. Staying productive is a part of how I'm choosing to handle the situation, which is why I've prepared this special Out Now with Aaron and Abe tribute.

Anyone who knew my Mom or has been listening to this podcast is aware that we got along quite well and were happy to discuss movies together. Since the creation of the podcast in 2011, my Mom has always been an incredible presence on the show. As a fan of horror movies, I was able to record conversations with her about significant entries to the genre such as The Babadook and Get Out. We also had fun dissecting other, lesser horror features such as Anaconda and, of course, The Human Centipede (still the most popular post on my blog).

We were not limited by horror, however. My Mom and I would talk often, and when it came to movies, I'd be sure to mention any recent films she saw in the "Mom's Movie Minute" segment if she was not able to come onto the show. That said, she would be a great addition to certain bonus episodes, such as one that involved a whole second half devoted to The Lobster and her reaction to it.

My Mom was a large part of our episode on the Denzel Washington film Fences, where she was featured in the first half of the episode. Along with Ana, my Mom was a part of the early segments, in addition to the central review. She spoke about her thoughts on Washington, Viola Davis, August Wilson, and more, helping to create one of our best episodes in the history of the podcast.

The final episode featuring my Mother was for The Post. While she would not be a part of the conversation for that Steven Spielberg film, she was present as an extra special guest early in the episode to discuss The Commuter, the Liam Neeson thriller my Mom, Ana, and I saw the previous day. Her thoughts on the film reflected what she brought to life. She was a spirited woman, full of life, happy to smile at the absurd, and question things when she felt it as necessary.

All of these thoughts are far from all I have to say about my mother, but I am happy to write about her and her time in relation to Abe and I's silly podcast. She was a terrific person and a great personality to have on our show. So please enjoy the assemblage of clips I've put together, featuring my Mom's time on Out Now with Aaron and Abe. It was emotional to put this all together, but rewarding as well, as it gave me another day to spend time with my Mom, who I miss dearly. 

I love you, Mom.


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