Out Now with Aaron and Abe – Episode 13: X-Men: First Class

This week on Out Now with Aaron and Abe, the duo decides to bring in another new guest to help them review the newest film in the X-Men film franchise:  X-Men:First Class.  That guest is the wonderful Susan Moua, who aids the boys in a discussion of the film along with other topics following the regular format of the show.  As always, They first talk about some new trailers (Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), followed by the film review.  Next up is talk of box office results, a lengthy retro review segment, mostly devoted to the previous X-Men film, and then it is game time, as Aaron, Abe, and Susan have more fun with the Character Actor Guessing game and another edition of Cast This.  As always, feel free to e-mail the podcast at outnow.aaronabe@gmail.com and, especially, “like” our Facebook page at facebook.com/outnowpodcast.  In a few weeks listeners will be able to enjoy some new developments in the podcast, but for now enjoy the show’s slow rise from amateur status, take joy in the music selections that bookend the show, and if you have an hour to kill…

And find all episodes here: http://hhwlod.com/out-now/blog

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