Weekly Recap: Empire of Light, The Whale, Emancipation & More!

It's a big week for prestige and art house cinema (the last week before the juggernaut that is Avatar comes storming in), but it's a shame these aren't better entries. Empire of Light is a big miss for Sam Mendes, The Whale has moments of greatness, and Emancipation puts its focus on the wrong elements. I have reviews for all of those and others from recent weeks. Plus, we have new podcast episodes covering Devotion and Bones and AllSo, feel free to check out all these reviews, podcasts, lists, trailers, and other fun. Enjoy, stay safe out there, and thanks for reading!

New Movie Reviews:

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  • Empire of LightA misfire when it comes to prestige dramas about the magic of movies. - In Theaters
  • The WhaleStrong performances in a tough, stagey drama. - In Theaters
  • EmancipationWill Smith does well in an overlong historical action film, convinced it's telling a more important story than it is. - Apple TV+/In Theaters
  • Guillermo del Toro's PinocchioA wonderful, stop-motion animated take on the story - In Theaters/Netflix

Recent Reviews:

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  • DevotionAaron and Abe discuss Devotion, starring Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell
  • Bones and AllAaron and Abe discuss Bones and All, a unique and gruesome road trip film and love story from director Luca Guadagnino
  • All Episodes

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