Weekly Recap: Lost City, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Oscar Predictions & More!

Some variety in the posts this week, as The Lost City presents a big studio comedy, while Everything Everywhere All At Once presents something wildly original. I have reviews for both, along with my first write-up for the terrific FX series, Atlanta, which returned this week. Additionally, I have my predictions for the 94th Academy Awards laid out in full. Plus, our latest podcast features plenty of talk about After Yang and a fun commentary for Batman & RobinSo, feel free to check out all of these reviews, lists, trailers, and more. Enjoy, stay safe out there, and thanks for reading!

New Movie Reviews:

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  • The Lost CityA mild comedy powered by the solid efforts of Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum - In Theaters
  • Everything Everywhere All At Once One of the most inventive films I've seen in some time. It's fantastic - In Theaters
  • Oscar Predictions - My predictions and insight behind what films will be winning Sunday night.

Best Picture Nominees:

Recent Reviews:

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  • After YangAaron and Abe are joined by Battleship Pretention’s David Bax to discuss Kogonada’s After Yang
  • Batman & Robin CommentaryAaron is joined by Brandon Peters, Scott Mendelson, and Terence Johnson to discuss Batman & Robin, the infamous superhero film from director Joel Schumacher.
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Trailers & Other Articles Of Note:

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