Weekly Recap: The Suicide Squad, Annette, Free Guy & More!

One of my more anticipated films of the summer has arrived and it's oh so good. James Gunn has taken over The Suicide Squad and it delivers plenty of humor, action, and weirdness to satisfy. Also out, and speaking of weird, French filmmaker Leos Carax has come to America with his bizarro musical Annette, based on a story by the band Sparks, who is having quite the year. I also have an early review for the enjoyable Free Guy and other writeups. Additionally, please listen to our latest podcast episodes, including our thoughts on Jungle Cruise. So, enjoy all of these reviews and more, and be sure to check out my various essays, lists, and new trailers available to dig into as well. Enjoy, stay safe out there, and thanks for reading!

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  • Jungle CruiseAaron and Abe are joined by Jose Cordova and The Hollywood Reporter’s Richard Newby to discuss Disney’s Jungle Cruise, starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt
  • Deep Blue Sea - The Podcast - "Jay and Mark are joined by Aaron "Spin Kick" Neuwirth (@AaronsPS4 on Twitter) to discuss the eighth chapter on the Deep Blue Sea 3 Blu-ray."
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