Weekly Recap: Army of the Dead, The Dry, A Quiet Place Part II & More!

This week is time for Zack Snyder's big-budget action-zombie film, Army of the Dead to take over the living, as it heads to Netflix, leading a pack of smaller releases. Fortunately, I have reviews of a lot of them, including the detective mystery, The Dry, with Eric Bana, the supernatural slasher, Seance, and last week's higher-profile releases, Those Who Wish Me Dead and The Woman in the Window. Plus, I have an early review of A Quiet Place Part II. Also, don't miss the podcasts from this week, including our thoughts on Spiral. Finally, check out my various essays, lists, and new trailers to dig into as well. Enjoy, stay safe out there, and thanks for reading!

New Movie Reviews:

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Recent Reviews:


  • Spiral - Aaron is joined by Professor Mike Dillon to discuss Spiral: From the Book of Saw, the 9th entry in the Saw franchise, starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson.
  • Hannibal Rising CommentaryAaron and is joined by Brandon Peters, Yancy Berns, and Scott Mendelson to discuss Hannibal Rising, the near-forgotten prequel film that takes an unnecessary look at the iconic villain.
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Trailers & Other Articles Of Note:

Godzilla Posts:



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