Weekly Recap: Oscar Nominated Short Films, Gretel & Hansel & More!

I wanted to make this week about the short films nominated for Oscars. They are available to watch in about 500 theaters around the country. The short films are all quite good, and I've written about them all. There's also Gretel & Hansel out this week, which I found to be a stylish take on the famous Grimm Brothers tale. I also still have linked reviews for all the Oscar nominees, as well as the various home releases for this week, including Terminators and Edward Nortons. Finally, there are my various lists and some new trailers to dig into as well, along with our latest podcasts covering The Gentlemen and more. Enjoy, thanks for reading, and support the shorts!

New to Theaters:

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New On 4K/Blu-ray/DVD/Streaming:

Oscar Nominees:


  • The GentlemenAaron is joined by Old Magic Gaming's Jim Dietz (and Abe eventually stops by) to discuss Guy Ritchie’s latest foray into the world of British gangsters and criminals with The Gentlemen.
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Trailers & Other Articles Of Note:

Godzilla Posts:



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