Weekly Recap: Joker, Lucy In The Sky, & More!

Here's a packed week to look into, starting with the Crown Prince of Gotham City, Joker. The film has arrived and it's big, dark, and gritty. A few other notable releases as well, including an astronaut drama that could have been better. At home, you can find Spider-Man swinging around Europe for fun. There are also plenty of new trailers to dig into as well. And lastly, be sure to enjoy a couple of new podcasts we put together for all to hear and have fun with, including our reviews of Ad Astra and Abominable. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Now In Theaters

  • Joker - Joaquin Phoenix is as great as one expects in a film that works as a dark character study more than a comic book movie. 
  • Lucy in the Sky - Speaking of dark character studies, this is a flawed feature that could have been better.
  • Pain and GloryAnd to cap things off, this Spanish character study starring Antonio Banderas is a great piece of self-reflection from director Pedro Almodovar.
  • The Day Shall Come - A solid satire from the minds that brought you Four Lions and Veep.
  • Monos - Visually compelling and mesmerizing (now in more theaters)
  • Here's The Archive Of Every Review Throughout The Year(s)

New On 4K/Blu-ray/DVD/Streaming This Week:


  • Abominable - Aaron and Abe are joined by David Yehto discuss Abominable, the animated film from DreamWorks completing the Hollywood animated yeti trilogy.
  • Ad Astra - Aaron is joined by Jordan Rath of Rath’s Reviews, Joseph Braverman of Awards Circuit, and Terence Johnson of Le Noir Auteur to discuss Ad Astra, starring Brad Pitt. 
  • First Blood Commentary - In honor of the upcoming Rambo: Last Blood, Aaron is joined by Brandon Peters and Scott Mendelson to discuss First Blood.
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