Weekly Recap: The Goldfinch, Monos & More!

This week features a couple of high profile releases. I've seen one of them and it's not very good. The Goldfinch has aspirations but gets little done, despite being adapted from a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. On the arthouse side of things, Monos is terrific and worth seeking out. A few solid home releases this week, including the latest John Wick film, are now available. Check out some new trailers as well. And lastly, be sure to enjoy a couple of new podcasts we put together for all to hear and have fun with. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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  • It Chapter Two - Aaron and Abe are joined by Luke Thompson to help review and provide some perspective on It Chapter Two, the conclusion to the Stephen King horror adaptation.
  • Official Secrets - Aaron is joined by Professor Mike Dillon to go over Official Secrets, a new film from director Gavin Hood, who piqued our interests with his 2016 drone-thriller Eye in the Sky. 
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