Weekly Recap: The Lego Movie 2, The Prodigy, Everybody Knows & More!

It would appear that on the week of release of The Lego Movie 2 I can say that everything is mostly awesome. The animated sequel delivers the goods that audiences are hoping for. A horror movie focused on a creepy kid isn't half bad, and the Oscar-nominated short films have made their way to theaters, which is always a worthwhile trip. Plus, many of the Best Picture nominees are still out. On the home side, I have new Blu-ray reviews for Widows and The Sisters Brothers, among other films, which are well worth your time. Plenty of other articles to check out as well. Lastly, we put together a great commentary track for Sin City, so feel free to enjoy that one as well. Thanks for reading and listening!

In Theaters Now:

(Everything Is Still Awesome)

(A decent creepy kid movie)

(A solid mystery drama)

Best Picture Noms Still In Theaters:

Here's The Archive Of Every Review Throughout The Year(s) - http://www.thecodeiszeek.com/p/review-archive.html

New On DVD/Blu-ray This Week:
Sin City Commentary - https://www.thecodeiszeek.com/2019/02/out-now-commentary-sin-city-2005.html

Other Articles Of Note:

(with easter eggs linked in every picture)



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