Weekly Recap: Thor: Ragnarok, Last Flag Flying & More!

Thor: Ragnarok is the biggest release of the week, let alone one of the biggest releases of the month and the season. The incredibly fun Marvel movie has plenty of entertainment value for all. Richard Linklater is also back with a somber character comedy and there are still plenty of other arthouse films out there as well. Meanwhile, a couple minor summer releases are now available for home viewing. I also had some thoughts on that wacky David Pumpkins. And be sure to jump in and listen to the multiple podcast episodes we've put out in the last week. Lots of great content there. Enjoy!

In Theaters Now:

(Pure fun)

(A nice character study)

(Spreading wider this weekend)

Here's The Archive Of Every Review Throughout The Year(s) - http://www.thecodeiszeek.com/p/review-archive.html


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