How About That Trailer? - Transformers: The Last Knight

So here we are. It will be about 10 years following the first film's release by the time Transformers: The Last Knight arrives in theaters and if one thing holds up, it's that these films have been remarkably consistent. With Michael Bay continuing to be at the helm of this robotic ship, these films have done little to evolve, regardless of various cast changes, technological developments and basic understanding of how to apply Bay's signature style. Is that a bad thing? Well just ask yourself that on opening day when you choose to go or not go.

While I have my gripes with the franchise, I have been a fan for the most part, if only because each of these films looks like they make great use of their budgets. I've never been too sure what a movie about a bunch of giant goofy robots that can turn into vehicles is supposed to look like in live-action form, but between this franchise and Pacific Rim, I've continually felt fairly satisfied with the results. Bay is obviously not for everyone and while a majority of the films in this franchise don't even fall under Bay's best (Bad Boys for life), I can respect the level of effort he puts into them. You can hate these films all you want, but Bay is certainly not lazy when it comes to filmmaking.

As far as The Last Knight is concerned, I'm seeing what I expected. An ominous opening with a new bonus in the form of Anthony Hopkins narrating a monologue that is supposed to feel important. Optimus Prime makes an impact, with the added idea that he's turning to the dark side. Plus lots of shots of Mark Wahlberg and his hair moving in and out of action. There's also the matter of King Arthur and Nazis, but we'll see how that plays out when the movie actually arrives.

One thing I am sure of is the assurance that the spectacle will be quite grand. That may or may not be saying much, but given that we only get a Transformers film every three years or so, it's not like it's being overdone in the same way some may argue others are. Of course, that is about to be threatened by the development of a Transformers Cinematic Universe, but that's a different discussion. For now, while I'm not expecting a groundbreaking story, no matter how many Akiva Goldsmans this film has writing its scripts, but it will surely deliver on Bay-hem.

Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters and IMAX on June 23, 2017.


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