Weekly Recap: Moana, Allied, Rules Don't Apply & More!

This holiday weekend sees the release of several films in wide and limited release. Disney's Moana is sure to clean up big, given the stellar reviews and how genuinely likable it is. Robert Zemeckis' WWII drama Allied has less to offer beyond Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard in movie star mode. Warren Beatty of all people is back with a new Howard Hughes movie. Then you have the limited releases and expansions of several other movies all worthy of checking out. Plenty of new home releases as well, including two of the year's best films. I also have some news stories and a podcast worth checking out. Enjoy!

In Theaters Now:

(Disney has another hit)

(An old school war drama romance with little importance)

(Warren Beatty is back with an okay movie)

(In limited Release, worth looking into)

(Strong lead performance)

(Expands to more theaters)

(Expanding this weekend)

(One of the year's best now in wide release)

Here's The Archive Of Every Review Throughout The Year(s) - http://www.thecodeiszeek.com/p/review-archive.html

New On DVD/Blu-ray This Week:


Other Articles Of Note:


The Walking Dead, Preacher, The Americans - http://theyoungfolks.com/author/aaronneuwirth

Everything In General:

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Have A Great Weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!


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