How About That Trailer? - Star Trek Beyond

Months after the initial debut of the first Star Trek Beyond trailer, we now have a new look at what is coming for Capt. Kirk and his crew. The first trailer for the film put an emphasis on fun for a general audience. It made a level of sense, given the age we live in where Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars are so prevalent, but seemed to upset Trek fans. I may indifferent to the franchise, but I can tell how much more balanced this trailer feels, in an effort to win back those who want a real Star Trek experience.

I'll certainly be curious what this new film can bring. Justin Lin is stepping in for J.J. Abrams and he is certainly a director who has proven he can handle an ensemble and large-scale action. Simon Pegg also co-wrote the screenplay, so ideally we'll get a story that focuses on the U.S.S. Enterprise crew going off on a mission and discovering stuff, as opposed to dealing with the screwy timeline issues created by the initial reboot to this series. Both Lin and Pegg were clear on how much they didn't enjoy the first trailer of the film as well, so it only leads to more thoughts on what is to come.

For me, there is little that really needs to be done to sell me. I have made it clear to many that this franchise does little for me and while I will see the films, I need to be really impressed to get more out of it. Of course, I am willing to acknowledge whatever positives the film may have. The lack of a central story built around a mystery box approach is certainly quite helpful. While I may have little regard for the franchise, the cast is a good one and I welcome seeing a film about teamwork and good chemistry, while also allowing for some cool sci-fi action.

Interestingly enough, while the mystery box approach is less of a thing than 'Into Darkness', I am intrigued by how little we know about the actual story, beyond being aware of bad guys destroying the Enterprise and Kirk and crew figuring things out from there. Hopefully it all works out for a grand summer adventure.

Star Trek Beyond opens July 22, 2016.


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