How About That Trailer? - Inferno

I guess Inferno is coming. It seems like this most significant improvements they keep making in these Dan Brown adaptations is the taming of Tom Hanks' hair. Hanks is once again back as Robert Langdon, know-it-all symbologist, who once again finds himself in some sort of nefarious plot that could end up wreaking havoc on the world. It involves Dante's "Inferno" for some reason and Felicity Jones co-stars.

Ron Howard could use a big film like this, following the disappointment of In the Heart of the Sea. One just has to hope this film will be worthwhile. The Da Vinci Code may have been a massive blockbuster, adapted from a massively popular book, but it's also one of the worst huge-grossing blockbusters ever. The sequel, Angels and Demons, was actually better basically because it was still a dumb story, but a lot more fun to watch (think 24: Vatican Nights). Ideally, Inferno will be more like that at the least.

Hanks is a big question mark here, One of my many problems with these films is that they are not only really silly, but I can't stand Robert Langdon. He's very smug about being so knowledgeable and these plots about saving the world just happen to involve knowing exactly what Langdon specializes in, which he couldn't be more proud about. I find it irritating and the female leads Hanks is generally 20 years older than tend not to have much chemistry with him either.

If this sounds harsh, it's because I generally believe Hanks can do no wrong (Larry Crowne aside). I'm all for him trying his hand in a franchise, but while these silly novels may be fun to read, they haven't worked out so much as films so far. Maybe that will change, we'll just have to wait and see.

Inferno opens October 28, 2016.


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