How About That Trailer? - Captain America: Civil War

"I can do this all day."

Captain America: The First Avenger still ranks quite high for me, as far as the MCU films are concerned. The Winter Soldier is pretty great too, but I really responded to what First Avenger was going for, combined with its retro look, thanks to Joe "The Rocketeer" Johnston's direction. Regardless of the comparisons between these two flicks though, what matters is how much I like the big screen take on Captain America. That's why I'm so excited for Captain America: Civil War. This film looks like it has it all and given the huge reveal in the last seconds of this latest trailer, this may actually be everything necessary.

Of all the superhero films coming out this year, I have held onto the idea that Civil War is likely the only one that is guaranteed to be, at the very least, good. Sure, some may be growing tired of the MCU patterns in general, so shakeups in the form of major character battles (and possible deaths) may do nothing for them, but I'm pretty pumped for what the Russo Brothers have in store here.

I continue to look forward to seeing Black Panther in action and almost miss seeing Marvel take an opportunity to have fun with DC by recreating their Batman V Superman trailer by showing T'Challa run into a giant smoke cloud during the battle between Iron Man and Hulk in Wakanda. Getting more of the other Avengers is always fun, along with more teases of Crossbones (let's do this Frank Grillo!). And then there's the giant elephant spider in the room.

Yes, this trailer has the first reveal of Spider-Man. Like it or not, Marvel felt the need to throw him into this trailer in a way that easily reminds me of Han and Chewie's appearance at the end of the first full Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. It doesn't add much I suppose, as we were all likely going to see this movie anyway, but sometimes you wonder what kind of pros and cons table was being worked on by execs to make this final decision.

Whatever the case may be, Captain America: Civil War opens May 6th and you better be ready to choose a side.


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