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Friday, September 18, 2015

Weekly Recap: Black Mass, Everest, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials & More!

This week brings us a variety of new releases (I'll be seeing Sicario soon), signaling the arrival of Oscar season in a way, but more importantly provides reason to go back to the theater. That in mind, Everest opens in IMAX exclusively this weekend and is decent enough for a biographical drama. Black Mass, on the other hand is disappointingly limited in scope. Then you have a new Maze Runner film and it is fairly enjoyable. Beyond that, I have a number of fun links presented and a look at the awesome movies released on Blu-ray this week, not to mention the podcast, of course. Enjoy.

In Theaters This Week:

(Depp and the cast is great in a generic gangster movie)

(Straightforward, but well-made)

(Exciting, with familiar YA novel storyline)

Here's The Archive Of Every Review Throughout The Year(s) -

New on DVD and Blu-ray This Week:

Other Articles of Note:

Everything in general:
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Also: and


TV Write-ups (Past reviews of Gotham, The Americans, and The Walking Dead) -

Have a Great Weekend!


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