Weekly Recap: Mad Max Fury Road, Pitch Perfect 2, And More!

This week's recap has one big piece of awesome to put right at the top and it is Mad Max: Fury Road, which is a new action movie classic in every way. The film is fantastic and definitely deserves your attention. I also reviewed Pitch Perfect 2 and added some reviews for films that hit Blu-ray this week. Be sure to check out the other fun as well, including our Daredevil podcast on Out Now this week. Lots of cool stuff here so enjoy!

In Theaters This Week:

(A new action masterpiece and having the best reviews of the year certainly helps support that statement)

(A solid comedy I got to see at last year's Newport Beach Film Festival now debuting online)

New on DVD and Blu-ray This Week:

Other Articles of Note:


TV Write-ups (Past reviews of Gotham, The Americans, and The Walking Dead) -http://www.theyoungfolks.com/author/aaronneuwirth

Have a Great Weekend!



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