10 ‘Hated’ Films Of 2014 I Kinda Liked & 10 “Loved” Films of 2014 I Was Mostly Indifferent To

A lot of best/worst lists have been put together by myself and others over the past couple weeks, for obvious reasons, so I wanted to add another kind of list.  I have seen the concept of 'Most Average of 2014' going around and decided to take a different approach by going over the films I found to be somewhere in the middle for the most part.  Here are two lists of films that I was basically in the minority on for either liking, disliking, or not liking nearly as much as others. It may be a silly sort of idea for a post, but it was on my mind, so why not.  Links to the reviews of all of these films are provided as well.

Kinda liked - So yeah, none of these films are going to make a 'Top Ten Bests' list, but I also did not find any of these films to nearly bad enough to fall on my 'Top Ten Worsts' list, regardless of what some of my colleagues, friends, and acquaintances around me may think. So with that in mind, here's the set of films that I may not love, but certainly would not call terrible:

Wish I Was Here


Mostly Indifferent - As a counter, this is a list of films I thought were okay, despite the massive amount of praise they have received from either critics or audiences or both. A lot of these I certainly see aspects of greatness in and some are just simply funny enough, but didn't fully win me over. So with that in mind, here's the set of films that I am in no way calling overrated (because I hate that term), but just did not really work for me in the same way they worked for many others:


Obvious Child

The Double

I have a number of end-of-year lists published over at Why So Blu, but check back, as I will update my site with my other end-of-year lists soon enough as well.


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