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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Year-End Favorites Countdown: Top 20 through 11

On December 31st I will be publishing my Top Ten of 2014 over at  Leading up to that post, I wanted to put out the films that are essentially my runner-ups to that list, as I decided to rank my top 30 films of the year.  The following post features my Top 20 through 11, with the previous ten films found HERE.  The great thing about a list like this, is that it stands as a great Top Ten list on its own, as I really enjoyed all of these films immensely, yet there is still more to come, which consists of films I appreciate a bit more on the final top ten list.  Anyway, here is a selection of my favorite films of the year (with links to the review for each).

20. Locke

12. Enemy

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