Gone Girl, Hello Affleck Armpit

He Showed His What? Did Somebody Think Of The Children?!

In a surprising bit of news this week, David Fincher’s Gone Girl not only reveals the acclaimed Gillian Flynn novel in cinematic form, it reveals flesh of its lead star Ben Affleck.  The future Batman showed audiences more than they were expecting, when it came time to portray the Nick Dunne character in the process of slightly moving around, leading to the brief exposure of his under arm area, commonly referred to as ‘the armpit’.  This news comes curtsey of several thousand users on Twitter, who were treated to early screenings of the film, only to be shocked by the Bounce star’s true commitment to the role, requiring him to present himself as an indifferent male that has recently discovered his wife was missing.

It is of course not too uncommon for various actors to show their devotion to roles, with many famed actors going quite the extra mile as far as preparation and eventual exposure on screen.  Still, many heads were turned upon discovering the type of dedication the Surviving Christmas star and two-time Oscar winner was apparently willing to go, when it came time to have a camera provide have a glance at a previously unseen area.  Obviously many of us are shocked to hear that an armpit has made its way to the big screen and I would have been more than willing to list many other actors that have gone to this extreme, but I simply did not have enough time.

Gone Girl director David Fincher has not been pursued for comment as of yet, but surely the man known for crafting meticulously detailed films had to be aware of what he was doing.  His stylistic approach has been well-regarded for years, as far as exciting audiences, while also pulling them down the rabbit hole in an attempt to provide his vision of what a dark cinematic world looks like.  Going to the point of putting the Paycheck star’s armpit on the big screen must have been his latest attempt to provoke audiences everywhere, which will surely guarantee a huge box office opening for the film, which was already set to make a cool sum of money this weekend.

The only question this leaves us with now is whether or not Affleck is prepared to keep going this far in future roles.  Having shown some skin in previous films and now shocking everyone with this brief exposure of armpit area, one can only truly wonder.  Additionally, whether or not we see more Affleck armpit (or AffPit) in the future, one can also wonder how many takes Fincher decided to go for in an effort to truly capture the essence of the scene.  Moreover, what kind of directorial choices did Fincher make when consulting Affleck on the scene?  Hairy, shaved, or bare armpits.  We don’t know at this time, but it certainly seems important.

To read more about Gone Girl, find my review HERE.


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