Rorschach Awards Nominated Me As 'Theater Junkie'

I've Been Nominated for an Award! Must be doing something right!

So I love doing this.  I love to write and I love movies.  Having found a way to combine both of these passions has been a great way for me to share my thoughts on the various films that come out every year.  Now I've been nominated by Andy Swinnerton over at Rorschach Reviews for being 'the best source for reviews of new releases,' which is awesome!  I work hard, see a lot of movies, and post as soon as possible about them (assuming I'm allowed to); so it's an honor to have apparently been nominated by people who enjoy my work.  If you think I’m deserving of this award please click here and cast a quick vote. I’d highly appreciate it!

UPDATE: I won! All of you guys who voted really helped me out and I appreciate it very much.  Check out the results here:


  1. Thanks for the link and best of luck with the voting! It's always nice to have people to talk about new releases with, good to have you on that short list :)


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