Aaron and His Mom Get Wrapped Up in ‘Anaconda’

Gary: There's something down there.
Paul Sarone: I know.
Gary: No, I really MEAN it.
Paul Sarone: I really mean it, too.
[Note:  This is in no way a traditional episode of “Out Now with Aaron and Abe” and won’t even go to iTunes.  I guess that makes it an exclusive to my blog and at the Out Now Podomatic site, so enjoy.]

My mom and I are back with another recorded conversation concerning a random horror movie.  Previously, I recorded the mega-popular Human Centipede episode with her, as I felt that movie was far beyond my reach in terms of supplying an appropriate review by regular means.  As that conversation proved to be incredibly well received (far beyond what either myself or my mother could have comprehended) and because we had such a good time talking about it, I decided to take it upon myself to do something similar.  Judging by how much fun it proved to be again, I only hope to continue having these fun conversations with my mom, who was equally excited about participating.

Getting to the movie of discussion, my mom and I revisited the 1997 “classic” that is Anaconda, starring J-Lo, Ice Cube, and Jon Voight.  The two of us first saw this movie back when it was released in theaters and have seen it since, but Anaconda does stand out as one of the movies that began my mom and I’s tendency to catch fun and cheesy B-movies in theaters.  So after a recent trip to see my mom, I decided that Anaconda would be the follow-up film for us to discuss.  This lead to us rewatching the film and making the following recording afterward.  While we do get to talk about what we believe are the key elements of the film, there are of course times when we branch back off to The Human Centipede as well, so be pleased with our call backs and enjoy the show.  So now, if you’ve got half an hour to kill...

Denise Kalberg: How dare you? It was you who brought that snake. You brought the devil!
Paul Sarone: There's a devil inside everyone.
And in addition, here are some key lines and pictures from the film and mentioned in our conversation:

Paul Sarone: This river can kill you, in a thousand ways. 

Gary: You don't know shit about the shit we're in out here! 

 Paul Sarone: Please people, don't make me out a monster. I didn't eat the captain Mateo. 

Terry Flores: Snakes don't eat people.
Paul Sarone: Oh, they don't? 

Gary: Is it just me or does the jungle make you really, really horny? 

Warren Westridge: The last time I was in water like this I had to stay up all night picking leeches off of my scrotum. 


  1. @Aaron Neuwirth ~ This is so very, very cool that you put the two photos together ~ Van Gough's "Scream" and Owen Wilson's demise in the belly of the Anaconda! Thank you son!.


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