Forcast Is Good For 'The Weather Man'

The Weather Man = 4 out of 5

(Another throwback, I just saw a Nic Cage movie and Rango comes out soon, so here's a mix of the two (note: I also enjoy how my writing has evolved, as this is a five year old review) )

Dave Spritz: Always fast food. Fast food. Things that people would rather throw out than finish. It's easy, it tastes all right, but it doesn't really provide you any nourishment. I'm fast food.

Nic Cage is great as the sad sack, loser weather man, and that's really what the movie is about, and it's nice to see him try to better himself, and I care when he does.

This is a fun, dark comedy, with plenty of moments that ring true to life. The dialogue between the characters, especially the swearing is all authentic and something that feels real for the moment.

This movie shares a lot with American Beauty, although not as deep or concurrent with the same themes, it has the same attitude.

As mentioned, Cage plays Dave Spirtz, a Chicago weatherman who is divorced with two kids and has a father he believes doesn't care too much for him. With a chance to get a good promotion, Dave wants to try harder at succeeding at life. This leads to a series of events involving archery, having fast food thrown at him, and cold weather.

Cage is very good here. Its always neat to see his character performances in between his seemingly endless bigger Hollywood movies, and dammit if I don't like his ever changing hair styles. Michael Caine also does a great job as Cage's upfront father.

Robert Spritzel: What happened to you?
Dave Spritz: I got hit with a Frosty.
Robert Spritzel: Why did you get hit with a Frosty?
Robert Spritzel: What is a Frosty?
Dave Spritz: It's a shake. From Wendy's.
Robert Spritzel: Why did you get hit with a shake?
Directed by Gore Verbinski, who, I guess, decided to take a break in between Pirate movies and do something more character based, he constructed the film with a neat sense of style, seemingly disguised as an indie flick, complete with a quirky and neat soundtrack.

This is an entertaining movie, that has a quirky sense of humor, made in the style of an independent film, despite the studio quality production and works very well due to Cage's strangely human character.
Dave Spritz: I mean, I'll bet no one ever threw a pie at, like Harriet Tubman, the founder of the Underground railroad. I'll bet you a million fucking dollars.


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