Shrek Just Wont Go Away

Shrek Forever After = 2 out of 5 Stars
Villager: Hey Shrek! You used to be an ogre, right?
This series has really gotten stale.  You know its sad when you have to send your main character to an alternate universe in order to keep things fresh.  Another nail in the coffin that started out as a very fresh take on the fairy tale genre.  It always pains me to see creative and funny people do things that just aren't up to their standards.

The whole cast returns yet again, for another entry in the Shrek series. This time, we find Shrek and co. in the midst of their happily ever after, but Shrek seems to be growing tired of a life consisting of responsibility to his family first.  It's not long before Shrek has an outburst and walks off.  He soon comes across Rumpelstiltskin, who makes Shrek a juicy offer to live a day in piece.  Of course, there's a twist, which takes Shrek to an alternate universe where he never existed and everything is all upside down, cats and dogs living together, total chaos.  Now Shrek must find a way to right his bad wish.

Essentially this film boils down to Shrek having a midlife crisis and dealing with it.  Learning about how much he cares about things, only after he has lost them.  This is seriously where Shrek has gone?  Adult themes and a twisted rehash of part of It's a Wonderful Life...uhg.

It certainly doesn't help that much of the movie isn't very funny. Eddie Murphy is once again a bright spot, but the star of the show, Mike Myers, is just stale this time around.  Coming off of ...The Love Guru, things are not going well for Mr. Myers. Cameron Diaz has lost the spunk she had when this character was first created (surprising, given her alternate reality twist as a strong, female warrior).  Even Antonio Banderas has little to offer as Puss in Boots. Randomly, Jon Hamm also shows up in a voice role, only to not do much of anything. Why cast him? The appeal of Mad Men to draw more little kids in? The only other entertaining character is Rumpelstiltskin and he's not even voice by a major star.

Of course the movie looks great, although the 3D upgrade didn't have much to show off (good thing I didn't waste the extra money). There are some well handled animated sequences, but really there is little to offer here.  Nice in-jokes and some background gags are fine, but the story falls flat, the characters have little to offer, and the humor just isn't here.

I Hope this actually is the final chapter.
Donkey: Man, you are a cat-tastrophe.
Puss in Boots: And you, are ri-donk-ulous.


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