Aaron's Top 10 Worst Films of 2010

With all of the films I did like this year, there were plenty of duds that came out as well.  I do not like to relish in how bad a film was, and most of these were not the kind of “so bad it’s funny” movie that I can appreciate; however, it is worth noting these select 10 flicks that I felt were the worst 2010 had to offer:

 10.  Grown Ups - Adam Sandler manages to get his a bunch of his (mostly) funny friends together and make the most expensive set of (unfunny) home movies ever.

9.  Cop Out - I hate to single out this film, but it really does suck.  I am looking forward to seeing a film that is both directed and (more importantly) written by Kevin Smith soon, because this buddy cop comedy with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan was severely devoid of humor it could have used.

8.  Skyline - This is an example of why Cloverfield is a very good movie.

7.  (tie) Saw 3D:  The Final Chapter / Chain Letter - I hope this is the final nail the damn Saw coffin.  As for Chain Letter, didn’t hear of it? Don’t worry about it. 

6.  A Nightmare on Elm Street - With a signature villain and an infinite amount of ideas to work with, as the film’s premise relies on a villain stalking it prey in the world of the dream, this film decides to hold way back at being in any way creative, and instead decides to continue killing bland teenage characters in steamy warehouses.

5.  The Tourist - Lots of talented people working together to make one, big nothing of a movie.  Just a big, boring dud, through and through.

4.  Jonah Hex - Josh Brolin battles against that wily John Malcovich and his deadly Dragonballs.  One thing is for sure, Megan Fox plays a convincing whore.

3.  She’s Out of My League - Oh man did I hate this movie.  As much as this seemed to be the year of Jay Baruchel, this “comedy” was not one of his highlights.  And now I recall the scene where Baruchel’s friend helps him to shave his scrotum. Har har har.

2.  The Last Airbender - Enough people are going to have this as their number 1, so I’ll hold back a bit for something else.  That being said, any kind of comeback people may have been hoping for from Shyamalan, when he decided to tackle a big budget studio adventure/fantasy film, was instantly ruined after witnessing this disaster.  I keep telling myself, this series has nowhere to go, but up…?

1.  My Soul to Take - As much as I hate Airbender, that film could not match the confounding mess of a film that is Wes Craven’s My Soul to Take.  A complete waste of time for everyone involved, this is a film that was absolutely ridiculous from start to finish in the worst kind of ways. Nothing seems to make sense, it’s a strangely constructed PG-13 horror movie from a man who used to know how to make horror movies, and finally, to add insult to injury, it’s in “3D”.  There is absolutely nothing in this film that I can view in a positive manner in any capacity, and that is why it earns its spot as the worst movie of the year.

Honorable Mentions:

Life as we Know it, The Next Three Days, Resident Evil: Afterlife (closest to the actual list, but I needed to take Grown Ups down a peg), Shrek Forever After, The Wolfman, Edge of Darkness


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