Aaron and His Mom Dissect ‘The Human Centipede’

The Human Centipede: Beyond Star Ratings
Dr. Heiter:  Feed her!
Happy Holidays everyone!  After a year of writing about movies and spending the past week writing up top 10 lists to pick out the highlights (and lowlights) of the year, I figured:  why not end the year with a look at the 2010 film that disgusted the most people simply by creating mental image of its premise (and I’m not talking about Sex and the City 2: Still Bangin’).  The Human Centipede is a film that many are convinced does not even exist, but is just some kind of sick joke film that people hear about.  I can indeed say it does exist, but I have had a lot of trouble coming up with a way to write about it.  However, I came up with a solution.

After much convincing from my friend Brian (owner and writer of the site Why So Blu, whose review of the Blu-ray for this film can be found here), I managed to obtain a copy of the Blu-ray and watch it with some friends during a weekend in October.  On this same weekend, I tasked my mom to do the same thing, as she and I share a similar taste in obscure, B-horror movies.  I gave my mom such a task because even before seeing the film myself, because I felt I would have difficulty explaining my thoughts and coming up with an appropriate star rating.  Now, with both of us having seen the film, I managed to spend some time with my mother to talk over whatever merits The Human Centipede had to offer.  I have recorded the conversation we had, but I will first describe some of the main thoughts that came from my mom in this discussion.  Enjoy:

Did you like The Human Centipede?

Mom:  Yes.  I liked the human centipede, because it was different from anything I’ve ever watched.

(Note: These are only some simple thoughts, but the recording goes on to dissect the statements made.)

On the basic premise:
  •  A famous surgeon, a little on the kooky side, brilliant people always have that side, wanted to make a human centipede.
On what a human centipede is:
  • Not what I expected. 
  • I was being too literal, expecting hundreds of legs and things more like the insect, opposed to what the movie presented.
On what this surgeon can be considered:
  • Kooky, later changed to twisted and warped, so not to be confused with The Addams Family.
On the merits of the film:
  • It was different.
  • Interesting. 
  • Wouldn’t say it was a great movie to see.
  • A change in pace from other movies that tend to come out. 
  • If there’s something off the wall totally corrupted, this is a movie you can watch. 
  • It’s a conversation piece.
On judging this movie:
  • It’s not that bad.  
  • It could have been way worse. 
  • Possibly interested in how bad it could have been. 
  • An interesting, weird, warped movie. 
  • I would never tell anybody, “Don’t watch it.” 
  • It would depend on who I was talking to. 
  • If you want to say, “For twisted and warped – it’s a 5.” 
  • I’ve seen worse movies. 
  • This was no big deal.
On how it’s disgusting:
  • It involves two women eating…stuff. 
  • Would not be disgusting if they were connected another way. 
  • I’ve seen more disgusting movies
Final Analysis:
  •  On a 1 to 5 scale, I’ll give it a 2 ½. 
  • There are people out there who can appreciate this movie for its differences.
On the sequel:
  • I would like to see just how much more warped and twisted it can be. 
  • I would like to see it in theaters. 
  • Actually, maybe I would rather be in the comfort of my own home.

(Picture: The Human Santapede)


Part 2

Dr. Heiter:  Do you already regret your little escape? In fact, I'm thankful for it, because now... I know definitely you are the middle piece!


  1. I want to see the movie but I might get scared and I'am only 11.

    1. DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE !!!! If your only 11 believe me it is very sick and twisted !!! I love horror movies I have seen thousands of them, This one not so much scary as it is disturbing, and you really do not want this kind of thing scarred into your brain!! Once you have seen something you can not un see it.. I didnt expect the movie to be as I thought, and the actors really did to well of a job making it the MOST HORRIFYING MOVIE I HAVE SEEN

  2. Your review was pretty good and helpful!

  3. Im Watching it now on the tele :S just the thought makes me feel ill, and now im watching it :L

  4. acting BAD, story BAD, concept OK .. i have seen many HORROR films of many MANY types and other than the CENTIPEDE story .. that is where the line stops
    its a same old POOR acting that we see in all these types, could it have been better made and directed YES.
    with such an ORIGINAL concept it could have been a true CULT horror. but other than the CENTIPEDE concept its just another POOR directed, and acted film.
    at the most part i found it BORING and go NO WHERE. only reason to keep watching was to see if the FILM and story IMPROVED

  5. its not even gross, if anything its just a feeble attempt to make money on something that clusterf**ks ppl when they think about, regardless i was pretty weirded out but not grossed out, bad movie

  6. My mommy says doo doo in the mouth is a naughty thing to do :-(

  7. I hear they love this film in Greece!

  8. Have to say, speaking for the Greek people, I didnt love the movie, I just enjoyed the original idea. As they do say the film is really sick but completely different from all the ones that exist in the film market. Since I know that a friend of mine secretly loved the movie I will definitely buy the 2nd and 3rd part a gift for him :)

  9. Feed Her... Feeed herr....

  10. i took my date to a screening of this at an independent
    theatre and ...wow...it has opened up a world of new sexual experiences in our relationship. i highly recommend it to all of you lovers out there.

  11. Wow Anonymous. U and ur date r f*ckin gross. Or ur a troll.. Hard to tell these days with all the sick minded freaks in this world.

  12. My boyfriend and I though we were two of the possibly 17 people who'd watched this oddity on Netflix many months ago... then I saw the spoof on SouthPark a week later. I can only wonder what anyone who saw that episode must think of Parker & Stone and what acid they'd taken if they hadn't seen the movie. It's bizarre, intriguing, and brings a whole new meaning to "A2M." I do want to see the sequel. There's a great motivational poster online for it and I realized today if you start to type "human" in Google, human centipede is the first hit. You'll find the poster that way too.

  13. And Anonymous September 19 - that's excellent! Wish I'd thought of it.


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