Weekly Recap: Reminiscence, The Protégé, Demonic & More!

There doesn't tend to be a lot to write home about by the time we get to late August as far as the summer movie season goes (not much to champion regarding the state of the world right now either, but I digress). That said, a couple of original films made for adults have their share of positive attributes. Reminiscence is the big release of the week, with Hugh Jackman heading up a sci-fi detective story. There's also the old-school revenge-action film, The Protege, with Michael Keaton, Maggie Q, and Samuel L. Jackson, which has more going on than I expected. Also - I do have my latest Variety article here as well, as I interviewed some of the crew from Don't Breathe 2.

Plenty of other reviews for new streaming options as well, including the horror film Demonic (I'll have something to say about the more successful Night House next week). Additionally, please listen to our latest podcast episodes, including our thoughts on Free Guy, Don't Breathe 2, The Green Knight, and The Suicide Squad
. So, enjoy all of these reviews and more, and be sure to check out my various essays, lists, and new trailers available to dig into as well. Enjoy, stay safe out there, and thanks for reading!

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