How About That Trailer? - Jason Bourne

Finally, a trailer for one of the big summer blockbusters I am most looking forward to. Jason Bourne is back and once again he looks pissed. People just won't leave this man alone. Also back - Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass. Both are coming off of lots of acclaim (The Martian, Captain Phillips), so it is not as if they need this movie, which makes me hope they have a really cool approach for this (official) fourth entry, generic title aside.

The trailer is refreshingly light on major plot details, as we simply learn there are a lot of people looking for a lot of other people and big fights and destruction occur along the way. Damon is joined by returning co-star Julia Stiles and a new bunch of characters including Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassell, Ato Essandoh and Scott Shephard. Not bad at all, but why shouldn't it be?

Universal has built one of the best action franchises out of this Robert Ludlum-created character and given how spectacular the action in The Bourne Ultimatum was, I can only believe we will be seeing a wild assortment of new action sequence ideas, along with fine work from the cast as far as angrily debating things in control rooms goes. Given word of a spectacular car chase through Las Vegas, it seems more like determining whether or not this will be the action movie of the summer.

Sadly, after Ultimatum caused friction between all involved and The Bourne Legacy failed to make much of a splash (it needed more Chems!), writer/director Tony Gilroy and Jeremy Renner are sitting this one out. Damon, Greengrass and editor Christopher Rouse have actually taken on writing duties this time around. Given how much I generally admire the twisty-yet-straightforward delivery of these films, I can only hope the Bourne character is given proper justice rather than living up to the pseudo title: The Bourne Redundancy

Jason Bourne hits theaters July 29, 2016.


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